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Environment & Recycling

ITA has a strong focus on environmental practices, including recycling processes and procedures. As part of this focus. ITA re-manufacturer’s printer toner cartridges, utilising used plastic casings of the empty cartridges in our manufacturing process. So, unlike many other cartridge collection programs, where the toner cartridges are collected and granulated without being first reused. ITA’s program is superior as it adherers to thBROTHER_TN2025_I_5791af25020b2e ideal recycling philosophy of “Recycle, Reuse and Reduce”. ITA firstly reuses the casings for it’s re-manufactured product range after they have been quality qualified. Any casings that are not suitable for reuse are then broken down to material type (plastic, metal etc.) and recycled to base materials. This reuse and then recycle system saves many hundreds of thousands of plastic casings having to be mReuse Recyle Reduceanufactured and therefore saves on fossil fuels (typically 3 litres of oil per cartridge) being used in this process. 

ITA works in accordance with ISO-14001 Environmental Management Standards through the company’s general environmental policies and systems. This environmental focus combined with the recycling procedures result in us being an energy efficient and environmentally friendly company.

Empty Cartridge Collection Service

ITA offers free waste to its qualified client in varying formats. Various collection services are offered for the collection of empty cartridges depending on the particular client’s requirements. These are typically personal pick-ups carried out by ITA staff, return satchels supplied with new cartridges, collection boxes which are changed over when full recycle2and bulk pick-ups.

These collection services have proved very popular with client’s as they offer a free waste removal service for used cartridges which would normally go in their general waste stream. This not only offers a financial benefit to our clients, but also benefits Australia’s environment by keeping unwanted plastics out of landfill.

By encouraging your staff to place as many used printer toner cartridges in the recycling boxes provided you can help reduce landfill.

It is easy to do, It’s FREE*…. it will even save you money by reducing your waste removal costs. Why not join the program and make a difference today!

* Service is free to qualified current customers. Cartridge types accepted are at the discretion of ITA.



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