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Managed Print Services

Managed Print Services MPS is a strategic approach to print, organisations can typically reduce their total document costs by 20 to 30%, as well as improving the quality of service to all users and the resilience of the printing equipment on-site.

The Managed Print Service MPS package includes hardware, printer service repairs and printer cartridges/printer toner cartridges. Printer tonerprinter ink cartridges and other printer supplies, are all managed via an automated replenishment system. This system eliminates the need to monitor stock levels and staff to place orders.

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Print Management Software

Imaging Technology Australia’s “Xpertview” System remotely manage every aspect of your printer fleet. Importantly, unlike other systems, this system will work with all brands of print devices and not just one or two machine brands.

This amazing print management program allows you to tightly control budgets, usage, power usage and eliminates purchasing from incorrect suppliers at a higher price and over ordering.

Some of the benefits offered are; 

  • Monitor device status – internal & external alerts for device maintenance allowing for us to dispatch a service technician upon alert. It does not require user to take any action.
  • Ensures that purchases of consumables always purchase the correct item, from the correct supplier, at the correct price and maintain the correct stock level.
  • Detailed accurate information that delivers reporting and forecasting of costs and budgeting.
  • Monitors power consumption of print fleet and identifies areas of improvement.
  • Monitors and reports suitability of print device for location allowing for optimizing of fleet.
  • Monitors device life and alerts to suggest replacement timing based on age or page volume life.

The program is available to you as a standalone software arrangement, as part of a supplies agreement, as part supplies and service agreement or managed print service.

Please call us and we arrange for one of friendly staff to visit or explain how it works and how it can help your business.

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XpertView Print Fleet Managment Software



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