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Customer Care

ITA’s friendly dedicated customer service team are eager to assist with any customer queries by phone or email. There’s no waiting in phone calls, simply give us a call and we’re ready to help.


Technical Support

Imaging Technology deliver peace of mind knowing everthing is covered

ITA’s friendly and knowledgeable technical support staff have a complete understanding of printers and supplies. As a manufacturer, we have access to hundreds of different printers and own printer technicians. This means that our staff can to simultaneously perform the processes they are explaining to you. This dramatically improve the quality of information conveyed and makes the process quicker and clearer.

This instant access to all levels of information results in the fastest and most efficient technical issue resolution.

Please don’t hesitate to call us if you require any assistance!


Technical Support Video’s


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ImageNet eProcurement

Imaging Technology Australia ITA Imagenet eProcurement Solutions LogoITA offer and eProcurement solution to suit your needs, With out ITA e-Store and ImageNet eProcurement portals available to provide solutions for customers of all sizes. Most customers can order online here at our e-StoreITA’s also offers customised solutions for Large Corporate & Government customers through our ImageNet eProcurement portal. This solution for large Corporate and Government customers we offers customised solutions that can be set to control your user, regional or department specific budgets, limit what categories are available and allow for approvers with specif budget delegation, for each user where required. We’re always pleased to meet any requirements you may have, so please give a call if we can help.

Please find below links to e-Store & ImageNet locations;

ITA Imaging Technology ImageNet Retail Online Store

ITA Imaging Technology ImageNet Corporate Online Store

ITA Imaging Technology ImageNet LOCAL GOVERNMENT Online Store

ITA Imaging Technology ImageNet State Govenment Online Login

ITA Imaging Technology ImageNet Federal Government Online Login